We assess your risk
and identify long-term
improvements beyond
the audit.

Internal Audit

We deliver personalized internal audit services with a risk-based approach. We will broaden the scope of your audit from regulatory compliance and financial reporting only, to an audit that focuses on business and operational risk.



We deliver compliance services tailored to financial institutions to lead you and your team beyond the rigors of regulatory compliance to improved productivity and reduced risk.


IT Audit – Cybersecurity

We recognize that technology evolves, and with it, related data security risks. We create risk transparency across your organization and your entire IT infrastructure – so you can protect your customer’s privacy and mitigate cyber risk.


Credit Union Solutions

We understand that credit unions are feeling the pressure of meeting more stringent regulatory demands with less budget and staff. We deliver affordable and efficient solutions so you can focus on your members.


RKL Risk Management’s team is hands-on, onsite, and interactive, which makes them different than previous vendors. At a time of heightened regulatory scrutiny and limited resources, they are an extension of our team that delivers increased efficiencies and industry best practices.

~ Bill Easterday, Vice President, Haddon Savings Bank



Need additional risk management support to help perform internal audit, compliance, IT audit and cybersecurity functions on a recurring basis? Our team works in partnership with your team, fully aligning with your people, process, technology, culture, and business operations.


Don’t have dedicated  resources to manage risk management functions and operations? We provide the necessary tools, know-how, and resources required to improve processes, strengthen internal controls and compliance and increase efficiency so your financial institution can focus on your core competencies.


Need risk management services, planning ideas, interim resources, or assistance with special projects? We provide solutions that provide long term efficiencies, streamline key controls, and identify improvements to your overall risk management process.

Alliance Solutions

Need a tailored solution that requires expert firms outside of RKL Risk Management? No problem. RKL will join forces with the right partners from expert firms to help with issues such as cyber-security, investor relations, SEC reporting or other compliance issues. Together we will deliver one unified solution for your compliance needs.


Spinning off a new company? Going through a merger? During any transitional period, we can assist with interim risk management while developing a sustainable compliance culture within your institution.