IT Audit – Cybersecurity

From mobile check deposit to online banking, technology is evolving rapidly in the financial services industry. As your bank or credit union embraces the opportunities presented by new technology, it must also remain vigilant against the corresponding data security threats. It helps to have an experienced, trusted advisor you can rely on to manage risk across the entire IT infrastructure.

RKL Risk Management understands the necessity of developing effective controls and efficient processes to mitigate IT risk, from confidentiality to data integrity to network availability. Our team can help you meet IT standards required by state and federal bank examiners and regulators, and protect the integrity of data exchanges with customers and vendors. We can perform or assist with performing your cybersecurity assessment and show you how to effectively incorporate the results into your IT environment.

Recognizing your institution’s unique regulatory and operational circumstances, the IT audit professionals at RKL Risk Management start each engagement with an audit risk assessment that allows us to tailor the audit plans with emphasis on high risk areas. Whether our analysis is focused solely on evaluating IT controls and system applications, or the IT review is part of a comprehensive internal audit, our professionals base their testing and practices on widely recognized governing organizations such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security (SANs) Institute.

RKL Risk Management IT Audit Services

  • Network penetration testing and vulnerability assessments
  • Network security audits
  • System application audits of all major banking applications
  • IT risk and cyber security assessments
  • Customer privacy/GLBA audits and risk assessments
  • Vendor management audits and risk assessments
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity audits and plans
  • Identity theft/red flag audits and risk assessments

Why Use RKL Risk Management for Your Bank’s IT Audit?

Working with RKL Risk Management means working with a team of certified specialists committed to delivering superior service. Drawing on decades of experience in auditing and banking, the IT Audit team at RKL Risk Management can deliver significant benefits to your financial institution, including:

  • Guidance for employing state of the art security
  • Heightened risk exposure awareness and mitigation
  • Tailored audit plans
  • Improved cross-functional communication and synergy
  • Recommendations for meeting regulatory compliance
  • Guidance for implementing stronger internal controls
  • Recommendations for better system performance


Internal Audit

We deliver personalized internal audit services with a risk-based approach We will help you expand your audit across all business functions, and identify risk mitigants along the way – with a minimal number of staff.



We deliver compliance services tailored to financial institutions to lead you and your team beyond the rigors of regulatory compliance to improved productivity and reduced risk.


Credit Union Solutions

We understand that credit unions are feeling the pressure of meeting more stringent regulatory demands with less budget and staff. We deliver affordable and efficient solutions.